Economic Forecasting Project

Designed and developed a new user interface and architecture for an existing economic forecasting package.  Restructured the original application and provided an updated user interface.  The original application ran in DOS and had restrictive memory limitations.

The new application improved the original application by

  • Increasing the number of equations and years simulated
  • Updating the user interface to the Windows (GUI) look and feel.
  • Providing extensive report and graphic facilities. Each user can create unlimited reports and charts.  This allows individual customers to tailor their view of the economic sectors of interest.

    Following a simulation, all existing reports and charts can be recalled with current simulation results.  These features aid in comprehension and use of economic forecast results.

    The application has won awards for its accuracy in forecasting and industry acclaim for its power and ease of use. Customers frequently praise the application as being light years ahead of all competing products in the industry. Old and new users embraced the powerful enhancements added to the previous application.

    The tools used were FORTRAN, C/C++, VB and third party components with an ACCESS database.  The application runs on Windows 3.1/95/98/NT and has bolstered the company's ability to attract and keep clients.