Extending FOXPRO by construsting FLLs

Developed an interface between FOXPRO and a 2D BarCode Generation and Scanning package for a convention facilitator. This client developed a convenience feature for conference exhibitors which would allow them to instantly scan attendee badges to gather all pertinent information.

Provided an easy to use Application Programming Interface (API) which extended the capability of FoxPro by constructing an FLL (FoxPro Link Library). All functions are encapsulated within the FLL, program logic is controlled by the FoxPro programmer. Although FoxPro has limitations regarding the length of strings which can be passed, the API provides the ability to construct barcodes with exhaustive amounts of information. All aspects of the barcode procedure can be manipulated by the programmer.

The benefits of the application are

  • No need to handwrite attendee information or retain business cards.
  • Attendees visits to conference booths are expedited.
  • If up to 75% of the badge is destroyed, the barcode information remains intact.

    The tools used were C/C++ and a third party BarCode package. The application runs on Windows in conjunction with FoxPro 2.6 or Visual FoxPro.