Online Stationery Order Processing

These applications provide web based forms helping a Print Shop provide better service to its Fortune 500 clients. Busy and remote clients can place orders after normal operation hours or whenever they want. Since all information is typed and verified by the person placing the order, spelling and typographical errors are minimized. This benefits the print shop and their clients.

This effort was part of several automation initiatives we developed with the client. Since these projects were implemented, the client's annual orders have increase 250% with a staffing increase of only 10%.  The bottom line is that the client's staff can do more critical work than verifying information via telephone/fax/email.  The streamlining of their processes will continue and we expect to see similar benefits in the future.

There is a context specific application for dozens of their customer organizations to specify their information over the Internet. Each application lets the client order customized stationery (business cards, envelopes, notepads, etc.). After entering the information to be imprinted on the stationery, the user is able to see a mockup of what the end product will look like.

This is a powerful tool that enables the users to specify their information with immediate on screen verification. The data entered is validated against rules to ensure all required information is supplied. By selecting a company specific logo and layout, the user sees a representation of what their order will look like with all information specified shown as the formatting was requested.

As some companies allow multiple standard layouts, this gives the user the ability to see their information formatted in each way to help them make the best decision without having to spend extra money on a setup and proof.