Conference Attendee Database

This web application has been constructed to manage historical conference attendance information for a major conference organizer.   The application provides access to many years of historical information since the company began gathering/tracking conference data.  The types of information manage includes:

  • attendee contact and company information,
  • attendee sessions attended and items purchased,
  • answers to demographic questions
  • registration source and details

    The value created by this system is the ability to generate research based lists. It is possible to provide detailed requirements for a list of attendees given their show attendance, demographic answers, and sessions/items for specific conferences. This has provided not only an excellent mechanism to store/retrieve data but has also become a new revenue stream for the conference organizer. By finding attendees that may be interested in a particular companies products, they are able to release that information for compensation.

    The database holds over 6 years of historical information and new information is entered with robust import features. Handling a variety of formats (excel, DBF, Access, CSV, etc.) the conference information from numerous sources can be integrated into the historical system. At present, over 750,000 (with associated attributes) attendees are recorded in the database.

    The desktop application tools used were Access/2000. The web based application uses a website powered by Windows 2000 Server, IIS, ASP and SQL/Server 2000.