Student Ranking System 

This application was developed to allow academic departments prioritize the order in which students could select their course schedules.  By providing the top performers with the best opportunity to complete their coursework, the process ensure the highest quality graduates.  Individuals with lower ranking are thus incented to improve their position and strive to outperform their colleagues.

The design and implementation of this application is under development.  More information will follow as the application takes shape.

A number of key features will be implemented:

  • Information will be kept confidential on an individual basis. 
  • Ranking will be depicted as cardinal order.  No student will see any other students' rankings.
  • Degree plan tests will be administered with multiple choice questions and randomized ordering.  All test results will be kept on an individual basis. Results of the degree plan tests will factor into the ranking as either pass/fail or numerical index.
  • Ranking will be controlled through a configuration screen. This will allow prioritization of requirements and coursework/performance to develop a fair and maintainable rank algorithm.
  • Much of the information will be extracted from an academic system to reduce data entry requirements.

    Additional information regarding the students will be entered by department staff. This would consist of whether a student has met certain eligibility requirements. All of this information will be factored and analyzed to perform the ranking operation.

    The desktop application tools used were Visual Basic 6.0. The web based application uses a website powered by Windows 2000 Server, IIS, ASP and SQL/Server 2000.