At Cavalry Software, we are constantly networking with businesses and taking on new projects. We need people with high commitment to their work.

Role TypeExperienceSkills
Entry-Level ProgrammerCollege student or 1 yearFamiliarity with Windows and Web applications and trends, eager to learn
Junior ProgrammerCollege degree or 3 yearsExperience with relational databases and VB or C/C++ programming
Graphics and MultimediaCollege student or 1 yearExperience with desktop publishing tools Word/PowerPoint, Windows Help File construction tools (ROBOHELP, BLUE SKY, ...), graphic development packages (ADOBE,...), ability to create custom graphics and/or web pages

Attach a resume to your email message. If you do not have a resume, write a few paragraphs describing your background and interests. We can use temporary, part-time and full-time assistance.

Because we want to find good people, we offer very flexible working arrangements. Depending on our needs you may be able to work at home or work part-time hours to fit your schedule.